Your tennis coach

Do you want to improve your tennis technique or coaching skills? I’m happy to help you with that. My name is Wim Fissette, an international tennis coach specializing in women’s tennis and former trainer of number-one champions such as Kim Clijsters and Naomi Osaka. Get a clear overview of my coaching achievements, from important WTA tournaments to winning Grand Slams.

Are you looking to improve your technique or gameplay? 
Win or lose, you control the outcome. 
That’s why I coach this way:  


Positive approach

I believe in the magic of positive reinforcement. When you put in the effort, I make sure to praise it, while still being critical of errors. I’m always looking for ways to make you better than the day before.

Be positive, be better


Getting in sync

Every tennis player is different. I first observe your technique, way of communicating and training ethos. This is to get in sync with your mindset, so I can tailor my coaching methods to you.

One strategy, one mindset


Team mentality

Tennis is a team sport. We surround ourselves with top-notch physical and mental coaches. But to make it work, you and I have to fully trust each other. Every session, I commit 100 % and if you do the same, we will make you fly.

Same goal, same energy

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